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Concrete block making machine
Euroblock 12 2S
movable egg layer model

[Short EB12-2S]


Machine with facemix equipment for production of double layered elements and blocks. Machine is equipped with bottom vibration table with vibrators. Machine can be equipped with hydraulic oil cooler. Vibration system is compatible with other famous manufacturers from Germany, and their vibrators and moulds (SVS size) can be attached on it. Vibration table for producing paving stones can be fitted on machine frame, and also 500 mm max block height (floor production) can be reached in customer request.
Hydraulic components are in CETOP standard. Machine frame is much stronger than in old model COMPACT 1200.
EB12-2S is equipped with hydraulic brake system for counter mould and wheel (brake on wheels make machine stabile during mould filling process).

Production is in a metal plate and then finishing on working wooden pallet with 6-8 raws of paving stones.


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Process of production of concrete blocks



 T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
Machine type
max. block height
330 mm *500 mm optionally
min. block height
175 mm
max. production area
1290 x 1130 mm
concrete hopper volume
1000 l + 500 l
machine weight
6400 kg
operation cycle
30-40 sec
min. machine height
3000 mm
total machine lenght
3300 mm 
total machine width
2350 mm
max 4 mould vibrators
48 kN
max 2 tamper head vibrators
20 kN
power consumption max.
17.5 kW

For hollow concrete blocks
size 400 x 200 x 200 mm is 1200 blocks/h

500 m2/8h paving stones.
2 curbstones 1m long per cycle [35 sec.]

Paving stones, double layered.

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