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  Concrete block making machine
stationary model

LATEST MODEL! Available from 10.5.2009. in semi-automatic and fully automatic version. Machine has new developed system of transport palette which is in line with concrete bunkers.

Concrete block making machines UNIVERSAL 400 - 1000 FA are typically used for production of paving bricks, curbstones, slabs, building blocks, chimney flues and others. UNIVERSAL line machines are stationary machines producing elements on wooden pallets. Block making machines UNIVERSAL have a solid frame, stable guide for mould and compacting head and they are equipped with two concrete hoppers - for coarse and fine concrete. Device for face mix is movable, which is useful for mould changing and cleaning. Face filing device provides coloured face layer in the paving bricks and slabs. In automatic machine versions OMRON PLC control and display enables the operator to set a large number of important machine parameters and also indicate alarms.
Block making machines UNIVERSAL are in standard version equipped with pallets feeding device.

Machine Universal 1000 FA can produce socalled fly ash bricks, too.

Machine in complete plant solution capable of operating fully automatically:

  • Automatic concrete batching system - automatic mixing of cement, sand and gravel and other raw materials [3-6 inline boxes]. With 1 main or with 2 mixers [2nd for colored mixture, upper layer].
  • Automatic conveying system from batching to automatic mixing machine.
  • Automatic water intake system in mixing machine.
  • Automatic conveying system from mixing machine to hopper of block making machine.
  • Automatic pallet feeding and cleaning system
  • Automatic block making and conveying system of green/fresh made blocks to automatic elevators
  • Auto curing of green/fresh made blocks and automatic de-elevating system.
  • Automatic cubing and stacking system.
  • Automatic Binding and Plastic wrapping system. [on demand, additional option]

More about Knauer vibrating system you can read here.

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Universal 1000 FA






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 T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
Machine type
semiautomatic /automatic
max. block height
330 mm [500 mm optionally]
min. block height
40 mm
max. production area
1200 x 800 mm
back concrete hopper volume
1300 l
face concrete hopper volume
900 l
max. Mould depth
650 mm
machine weight
12.800 kg

For blocks 400 x 200 x 200 mm is 1500 blocks/h
Paving stones 800-1000 m2/8 h shift

Power consumption max.
34 kW
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